CNC Maker Upgrades a Classic Three-Axis Mill Right into a Mach3-Managed 4-Axis CNC Beast

Pseudonymous Macedonian CNC specialist CNC Maker has turned a classic three-axis mill right into a four-axis computer-controlled beast — retro-fitting it with the elements required for management through Newfangled Options’ Mach3 software program.

“The [Stankoimport] 8H80G mannequin [mill] is a high-precision milling machine that has been designed to offer wonderful accuracy and repeatability,” CNC Maker explains of the will to re-use the classic machine. “It contains a strong building, an honest mattress measurement, and a strong spindle that may simply deal with robust supplies like metal and aluminum.

“The spindle on the 8H80G mannequin is a high-speed motor that may rotate at a most velocity of 1439 rotations/minute, with an influence score of three kW and a present draw of 6.5A. This spindle operates at 380 volts and is designed to work on a 50Hz energy provide.”

This classic mill lives an entire new life, due to a CNC improve and a brand new fourth axis. (📹: CNC Maker)

Relatively than utilizing it manually, although, CNC Maker — as hinted by the identify — sought to improve the system to pc numeric management alongside 4 axes. What adopted was a days-long strategy of retro-fitting appropriate electronics, custom-built substitute mechanical components milled and laser-cut, new NEMA 23 stepper motors on 1:10 planetary gears, and extra — plus some points with a damaged weld and bent shaft on the Z axis which wanted to be resolved.

As soon as the X, Y, and Z axes had been upgraded, the machine was examined by getting it to attract a easy circle underneath pc management — however the concept was not solely to transform the mill for CNC operation however so as to add a fourth axis too. Extra fabrication adopted, together with the addition of a 1:50 gear system and a chuck that might settle for supplies to be rotated.

The profitable improve is seen within the above video or on the CNC Maker YouTube channel — although design recordsdata for the fabrication haven’t been made publicly out there.

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