Latest Progress in Building Strategies and Purposes of Perovskite Photodetector Arrays

Metallic halide perovskites are thought of promising supplies for next-generation optoelectronic units because of their glorious optoelectronic performances and easy resolution preparation course of. Exact micro/nano-scale patterning methods allow perovskite supplies for use for array integration of photodetectors. On this evaluate, the gadget sorts of perovskite-based photodetectors are launched and the structural traits and corresponding gadget performances are analyzed. Then, the standard building strategies appropriate for the fabrication of perovskite photodetector arrays have been highlighted, together with floor therapy know-how, template-assisted building, inkjet printing know-how, and modified photolithography. Moreover, the present growth developments and their purposes in picture sensing of perovskite photodetector arrays are summarized. Lastly, main challenges are offered to information the event of perovskite photodetector arrays.

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