Meet the longevity obsessives, and the way China’s regulating AI

—Jessica Hamzelou

Earlier this month, I traveled to Montenegro for a gathering of longevity fanatics, individuals keen on extending human life by numerous biotechnology approaches. All of the attendees have been tremendous pleasant, and the sense of optimism was palpable. They’re all assured we’ll be capable to discover a option to sluggish or reverse growing older—they usually have a daring plan to hurry up progress.

Round 780 of those individuals have created a “pop-up metropolis” that hopes to avoid the normal strategy of medical trials. They wish to create an impartial state the place like-minded innovators can work collectively in an all-new jurisdiction that provides them free rein to self-experiment with unproven medicine. Welcome to Zuzalu. Learn the complete story.

China isn’t ready to set down guidelines on generative AI

Again in April, the Chinese language web regulator revealed a draft regulation on generative AI. The doc doesn’t name out any particular firm, however the way in which it’s worded makes it clear that it was impressed by the incessant launch of large-language-model chatbots in China and the US.

The draft regulation is a combination of smart restrictions on AI dangers and a continuation of China’s sturdy authorities custom of aggressive intervention within the tech business. However whereas most of the clauses within the draft regulation are ideas that AI critics are advocating for within the West, it additionally accommodates guidelines that different nations would doubtless balk at. Learn the complete story.

—Zeyi Yang

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