Two dimensional NbSe2/Nb2O5 metal-semiconductor heterostructure based mostly photoelectrochemical photodetector with quick response and excessive flexibility

Two-dimensional (2D) metal-semiconductor heterostructures are promising for high-performance optoelectronic units as a consequence of its quick service separation and transportation. Contemplating superior metallic traits accompanied with excessive electrical conductivity in NbSe2, floor oxidation gives an environment friendly strategy to type NbSe2/Nb2O5 metal-semiconductor heterostructure. Herein, a size-dependent NbSe2/Nb2O5 nanosheets was achieved by a liquid part exfoliation technique and a gradient centrifugation technique. This NbSe2/Nb2O5 based mostly photodetector reveals excessive responsivity with 23.21 μA/W, quick response time in millisecond magnitude, and huge band detection capacity within the UV-Vis area. It’s noticeable that the photocurrent density is delicate to oxygen circumstances as a consequence of oxygen-sensitized photoconduction mechanism. The versatile testing of the NbSe2/Nb2O5 based mostly PEC-type photodetector reveals excessive photodetection efficiency even after bending and twisting. Past that, the solid-state PEC-type NbSe2/Nb2O5 photodetector additionally achieves comparatively secure photodetection and excessive stability. This work promotes the applying of 2D NbSe2/Nb2O5 metal-semiconductor heterostructure in versatile optoelectronic units.

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