USB-C cables instantly cease working

I am attempting to diagnose an odd change in my setup. For the previous 3 years I’ve had the identical setup when working from residence. I’ve a MacBook Professional (Intel, then M1 and now M2) related to an Asus MX38VC 38″ extensive monitor through a USB-C -> USB-C cable. Then from the monitor’s in-built USB 3.1 hub I’ve obtained a USB-A -> USB-C Logitech Brio net cam and USB-A -> USB 3.0 Hub the place I’ve obtained audio system and keyboard plugged into.

Till at present all of it labored simply advantageous. Then this morning once I powered up the Logitech digital camera wouldn’t come on-line.

I rebooted the Mac, powered off all the pieces however no change. Mac wouldn’t see the digital camera.

I unplugged the digital camera and plugged it instantly within the MBP and it was immediately there. So the cable and digital camera are simply advantageous.

Plugged it again into the monitor, and nothing. Energy the monitor on and off once more, checked its USB setup, however nonetheless nothing.

Plugged the digital camera into the downstream USB 3.0 hub plugged into the again of the monitor. Nonetheless nothing.

So I plugged the digital camera again into the monitor and switched cables and instantly it got here on-line. Switched again to the previous cable, nothing through the monitor, advantageous direct to the MBP.

Modified to the unique Logitech cable suppled with the digital camera. Additionally no good within the monitor and advantageous direct.

Discovered one other spare cable within the drawer tried that. Labored. Effective within the monitor and advantageous direct.

So now I’ve two USB-A -> USB-C cables that will not work plugged into the monitor, however work advantageous with the digital camera plugged into the MBP. And two different USB-A -> USB-C cables that work advantageous is each conditions.

Color me confused.

So far as I can inform nothings modified in my setup from yesterday. And I do not see why two cables will not work while the opposite two will when all 4 seem like the identical. Particularly when one of many non-working cables is the one provided with the digital camera.

Every thing else is working advantageous, so the one factor I can consider is that the 2 non-working cables should be some decrease spec or one thing. There is definitely nothing written on them to point something when it comes to efficiency.

Anybody obtained any concepts? May or not it’s one thing else that is modified?

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