AI and power consumption: Are we headed for bother?

At this level, we’re all conversant in synthetic intelligence and the potential points with overreach, privateness, plagiarism, misinformation, and potential lack of work for precise people. To not point out simply the final ick issue of all of it.

However you is probably not conscious that AI may doubtlessly trigger power consumption to skyrocket a lot that present energy grids can’t sustain. For instance, only one single coaching run for an AI engine like Bard or ChatGPT consumes as a lot energy as 120 households eat in a whole yr. One in every of these AI firms can require extra energy than a whole metropolis like San Francisco simply to coach its engines. The present GPUs and CPUs are designed for gaming, not AI. For AI, you want tons of of servers operating in parallel, which is a giant problem. 

New structure is being developed, however the present infrastructure is struggling to maintain up with demand.

Power cords in a data center

(Picture credit score: Massimo Botturi by way of Unsplash)

Is AI utilizing stretching information facilities to their limits?

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