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You depend on your drone batteries for a lot, however what do you actually find out about them?

drone batteries information

The extra data you’ve got, the higher, as you possibly can correctly use, retailer, and lengthen the lifetime of your batteries.

What do you might want to find out about your drone batteries?

The commonest kind of drone battery is a lithium polymer or LiPo battery able to 1600 mAh of energy. They’re sometimes not hearth hazards however can turn into that means if improperly used or saved.

You’ve come to the appropriate place in case you nonetheless have questions on your drone batteries. This in-depth information will fill you in on all of the related data!

What kind of batteries does a drone use?

Let’s begin with one of the vital widespread questions amongst new pilots. What sort of battery powers my drone?

It’s historically one in every of three sorts: nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, or lithium polymer. Right here’s an summary of every.

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Nickel-cadmium drone batteries

NiCad or Ni-Cd batteries characteristic electrodes fabricated from cadmium and nickel oxide hydroxide. 

The primary model of those batteries, wet-cell NiCad batteries, was created in 1899. At present’s Ni-Cd batteries are rechargeable, making them appropriate for drone use.

Their common nominal cell potential is as much as 1.2 volts, which isn’t as excessive as zinc-carbon or alkaline main cell batteries.

That limits the functions of NiCad batteries, however you don’t need to stress about that on your drone.

Charging a NiCad battery depends upon its amp-hour capability, with the cost charge a share of that. The battery wants power past its required capability, as charging ends in power losses.

The extra offered power will guarantee quicker costs, so that you’re not ready on your drone battery to recharge all day.

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Lithium-ion drone batteries

The subsequent kind of battery you would possibly see in your drone is a lithium-ion or Li-ion. 

This battery reduces lithium ions to supply a cost, with a graphite cell that generates a unfavorable electrode often known as an anode. The constructive electron is a cathode, often a steel oxide.

The cathode and anode keep constructive or unfavorable, respectively, however will reverse if you cost the battery. Li-ion batteries use lithium salt in natural solvent as an electrolyte.

Li-ion batteries have dominated the buyer electronics panorama, so the probabilities are excessive that your drone battery is this kind.

Lithium-ion batteries have turn into so broadly preferable as a result of charging doesn’t have an effect on reminiscence, the battery has a low charge of self-discharge, and their power density is increased than different battery sorts.

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Lithium polymer drone batteries

The final kind of battery widespread in drones is a lithium polymer or LiPo battery (typically known as a Li-poly or LIP battery). 

The rechargeable battery options an electrolyte of gel polymers in a semisolid state.

The precise power of LiPo batteries exceeds Li-ion and different lithium batteries. They’re additionally light-weight, which is why they’re generally utilized in smartphones.

The newer know-how that powers LiPo batteries took place throughout the Nineteen Eighties when lithium batteries have been fastidiously studied to advance their efficiency.

Sony created the primary LiPo cell within the early Nineties, and from there, the flat pouch format quickly adopted.

One other distinction between LiPo and different lithium battery kinds is the case’s flexibility. The case is fabricated from polymer laminate for LiPo batteries, which is much extra malleable than Li-ion prismatic cells.

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How a lot energy can a drone battery maintain?

Battery energy is measured by particular energy, additionally known as the power-to-weight ratio. 

It’s produced in watts or watt-hours per kilogram, expressed as W/kg or Wh/kg, respectively.

Nickel-cadmium drone batteries have a selected energy of 150 W/kg. 

Li-ion batteries have a selected energy of 100 to 265 Wh/kg. 

The precise energy of LiPo batteries is 100 to 265 Wh/kg, the identical as Li-ion batteries.

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Are drone batteries large?

A typical client drone battery is in regards to the dimension of a pack of playing cards, however heavier. A battery for a racing drone is usually a lot smaller, in regards to the dimension of a pack of gum.

Drone batteries are sized by capability, with bigger batteries requiring extra energy and thus being bigger than batteries with a decrease capability.

A drone with an extended flight time will possible have a big battery to match.

Voltage may also drive up the dimensions and weight of the drone battery. Drones have a particular motor effectivity they have to run at to make sure customers don’t overdo it on the voltage, so extra voltage isn’t at all times higher.

Producers are fairly conscious of how a lot a battery can contribute to the drone’s weight, and within the ever-intensifying race for extra client drones to stay throughout the 250-gram weight threshold to keep away from registration with the FAA in america, will take into account the battery weight fastidiously.

That doesn’t assure the battery together with your drone will hold the burden inside that restrict.

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Autel drone batteries, intimately

Autel Evo Lite+ Review - Battery

Autel is without doubt one of the main drone producers, behind maybe solely DJI relating to innovation and high quality.

The model is finest identified for its EVO sequence drones, which use particular batteries relying on the mannequin.

Let’s take a better look.

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EVO Battery

The EVO Battery is an extra accent purchasable by means of the Autel Robotics retailer, suitable with EVO drones.

It’s a chargeable, clever LiPo battery that operates at 13.05 volts and 4300 mAh.

Promising as much as half-hour within the air, the EVO Battery includes a launch button on high for inserting into your drone and taking it out if you’re finished and have to cost it. 

The battery additionally has built-in security options to restrict overcharging and short-circuiting.

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EVO Lite Collection Battery

You probably have an EVO Lite drone from Autel, take into account its EVO Lite Collection Battery. This fast-charging battery guarantees 40 minutes of flight.

It’s one other rechargeable LiPo battery, working on 11.13 volts and 6175 mAh.

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FPV drone batteries, intimately

FPV drones have revolutionized the sport. They’re always turning into extra mainstream, with fashions just like the DJI FPV and Avata, a client drone, immersing pilots in an exciting FPV expertise.

With so many FPV drones in the marketplace, what kind of battery do they use? 

FPV drones sometimes characteristic a LiPo battery, however Li-ion is an alternative choice you would possibly see as you store round.

LiPo batteries are extra widespread in mini quads, a quadcopter FPV model identified for its contained dimension. You’ll recall that LiPo batteries are versatile and light-weight, making them ultra-compatible in a mini quad setup.

Some mini quad FPV drones use Li-ion batteries, sometimes at an influence charge of 14.8 volts and 4000 mAh, or thereabouts.

You’ll recall that Li-ion batteries are heavier, which might have an effect on FPV drones. Nonetheless, it relies upon. 

Fashions just like the DJI FPV weigh 795 grams out of the field, however racing FPV drones are sometimes lots lighter and extra streamlined.

FPV drones don’t final almost as lengthy within the sky as customary client drones, so their voltage, dimension, and pricing would possibly differ from what you’re used to in case you’re experiencing FPV drones from a regular drone perspective.

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The way to learn an FPV drone battery

Let’s aid you make heads or tails of your drone battery with this data.


FPV drone batteries have a C-rating. The C isn’t a grade like what you acquired in class. As an alternative, it represents the present the battery can generate in that cost cycle.

In different phrases, a decrease C-rating reduces the ability the battery pack receives, whereas the next score offers greater than sufficient energy.

Every FPV drone battery could have a C-rating, however in case you add a number of to a pack, you possibly can multiply the C score to get an general discharge present charge.

You must at all times calculate the C-rating for a battery earlier than utilizing it. 

Some configurations could cause an FPV drone battery to exceed its C-rating, producing extra present.

The longer this occurs, the likelier you’ll incur battery harm which may influence how properly the battery recharges and works.

Much more detrimentally, the extra electrical cost could cause some FPV batteries to overheat and begin a fireplace.

Dealing with the new battery may also result in burns, so know the C-rating of your battery and swear by it.

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The V on an FPV drone battery refers to its nominal battery voltage. The standard voltage is between 3.7 and 22.2 volts for this battery model.


An S accompanied by a quantity between 1 and 6 represents what number of LiPo cells the FPV drone battery has. The voltage is commensurate with the variety of cells.

For instance, a 1S battery has a voltage of three.7 volts. 

Listed below are the opposite numbers of LiPo cells and accompanying nominal battery voltages.

  • 2S – 7.4 volts
  • 3S – 11.1 volts
  • 4S – 14.8 volts
  • 5S – 18.5 volts
  • 6S – 22.2 volts

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Security options of drone batteries

Drone security options lengthen to your batteries, with extra superior batteries providing top-of-the-line security measures.

Listed below are some it is best to count on.

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Quick-circuit safety

When a battery short-circuits, its unfavorable and constructive battery nodes join and obtain the identical voltage degree. 

The resistance drops considerably, with much less management over the present. This will increase the danger of the battery overheating and catching hearth.

Quick-circuit safety in a drone battery happens by means of a present comparator circuit, present amplifier circuit, and charge-discharge circuit with a sampling resistor.

These elements can decide when the drone battery is susceptible to short-circuiting, decreasing present to stop it from occurring. 

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Overcharging safety

All of us overlook we’re charging our drone batteries typically, particularly when doing it at residence. A battery with overcharge safety will cease the ability financial institution from sending electrical energy to the battery when it reaches full cost.

The battery dangers overheating if it costs too lengthy, creating a fireplace threat. Drone battery harm may also happen.

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Temperature tolerance

The vary of temperatures on both finish of the spectrum at the moment’s drone batteries can deal with continues to rise.

You could possibly fly your drone in an arid or chilly area with out at all times depleting the battery quick. Batteries nonetheless final longest in ambient circumstances. 

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Are FPV drone batteries secure?

FPV drone batteries are simply as secure to make use of as every other kind of battery utilized by UAVs. 

Drone batteries are most secure if you use them correctly and in line with producer suggestions.

If you happen to overcharge your batteries, retailer them in poor circumstances, expose them to excessive temperatures exterior the temperature tolerance restrict, and in any other case push the boundaries, they’re not secure to make use of.

Inserting a broken or compromised battery right into a fast-moving FPV drone and crashing it might trigger disastrous penalties.

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Can drone batteries begin a fireplace?

Sadly, drone batteries are a fireplace threat. 

It’s not solely drone batteries, as your electrical automobile and private electronics like smartphones and tablets additionally use LiPo batteries.

LiPo batteries are liable to overheating. In that situation, they’ll explode and/or trigger a fireplace. The poisonous smoke launched from the explosion could be lethal, as can the excessive warmth and flames.

Right here’s a thread from the Mavic Pilots discussion board a few home hearth that began from an exploding drone battery in 2019. 

The hearth in North Carolina was picked up by native information and captured on residence safety video.

The explosion isn’t within the video, however you possibly can see a lightweight flash in case you watch. The video reveals the spark that begins the fireplace and the engulfing flames.

It’s not a straightforward watch, but it surely’s a testomony to how drone battery mishandling could be harmful.

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The way to correctly cost a DJI drone battery

Buying a DJI drone is a momentous event. DJI is a pacesetter within the drone business, and whereas its drones are not often cheap, the large price ticket ensures top-notch high quality.

You must at all times cost your batteries earlier than working a DJI drone, whether or not you got it new or used. 

The drone battery isn’t all that requires charging. Your distant controller additionally wants a cost.

Some DJI drones have an influence adapter, however not all. For instance, the Mini 3 doesn’t. DJI sells chargers, together with some USB fashions, to recharge your drone battery.

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In case your DJI drone has a Two-Manner Charging Hub, as seen in some Mini fashions, you possibly can cost each controllers concurrently (in case your mannequin has twin controllers).

You don’t want the Two-Manner Charging Hub, however for its low value, I’d suggest it if it’s suitable together with your drone.

Now that you just’ve received all the things, listed here are the charging steps.

  • Step 1: Join the USB-C cable to a USB-C charger, plugging within the charger.
  • Step 2: Plug the USB-C cable into the DJI drone battery or distant controller.
  • Step 3: Enable the drone and/or distant controller to cost. The charging pace varies relying on the voltage, however charging a distant controller can take an hour and a half to a number of hours.
  • Step 4: Unplug the USB-C cable from the drone or distant after charging your gadgets.

Take a look at this video from our personal Dan from Droneblog, who explains the right way to cost the Mini 3 Professional in additional element.

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The way to safely cost an FPV drone battery

You’ve simply grounded your FPV drone after one other profitable flight. The battery is working low, so it’s time to cost, however how do you do it? Let’s overview.

You must solely cost an FPV LiPo battery at a 1C restrict, that means its capability is 1x. 

This cost charge ought to take about 60 minutes to totally cost the battery if the battery’s present voltage is 3.2 volts.

This slower charging charge won’t be near the battery’s higher C-rating, and you recognize what? That’s finest.

The next ideas will aid you safely cost the battery.

  • All the time keep within the room whereas the FPV drone battery costs. LiPo batteries are most liable to exploding or overheating when charging.
  • Keep away from excessive temperatures when charging the battery.
  • Plan strategically how lengthy to go away the battery absolutely charged.

When the battery isn’t stored at storage voltage, it loses its cost and dangers extra harm. Its inner resistance accumulates, boosting the interior warmth and decreasing its efficiency. Plan to make use of the charged battery as quickly as doable to return it to storage voltage.

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What to do in case you harm a drone battery

Drone battery harm can happen in some ways, together with crashing the drone, overcharging it, or exposing it to excessive temperatures.

If you happen to consider you’ve broken the drone battery, get rid of it instantly. Even testing the battery places you susceptible to burning your self or beginning a fireplace, as you could be unaware if the battery is overheated.

Listed below are some indicators your drone battery is broken:

  • The outer casing is cracked
  • The battery has begun to swell or bubble
  • The battery feels scorching to the contact
  • Liquid has begun to seep from the battery

It’s not enjoyable (or low-cost) to switch a drone battery, however on this case, it’s a lot better to be secure than sorry.

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Suggestions for storing and transporting a drone battery

Correct utilization is crucial to protect your drone batteries. The next ideas will aid you proceed so you should use your batteries with out stressing about hearth dangers each time you fly.

1. Don’t depart your batteries within the drone when not in use

All the time take your batteries out of your drone if you land after giving them enough time to chill down from the flight. Leaving the batteries in an enclosed compartment of your drone might create circumstances conducive to overheating.

2. Don’t let your drone batteries overcharge

Overcharging drone batteries can generate extra warmth, placing the batteries susceptible to beginning a fireplace. It’s additionally not nice for the batteries’ long-term life to overcharge them, as you possibly can scale back their general cost.

Lithium and nickel-based drone batteries must be saved with no less than 40 % battery.

3. Maintain the batteries dry

Moist batteries are very harmful. They may trigger electrical shock, and so they may also be an elevated hearth threat. 

Make the appropriate alternative on your well being and security. Dry the exterior battery casing in case your batteries get moist from flying your drone within the rain.

Enable the batteries to air-dry over a day or two earlier than dealing with them and positively earlier than you plug them into your drone.

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4. Don’t retailer drone batteries close to warmth and lightweight sources

Contemplating that LiPo batteries are a fireplace threat, you need to fastidiously monitor the place you retain the batteries whereas not inserted into your drone. 

They need to at all times be positioned removed from flammable gadgets and sources of warmth and lightweight.

Examples embrace fireplaces, area heaters, radiators, return vents for warmth and air-con, your fridge (sure, fridges give off heat air), the kitchen, the lavatory, sunrooms, and underneath vivid mild.

5. Retailer the batteries in a ventilated space

So, the place must you hold your drone batteries, then? Retailer them in a cool, comfy, ventilated space. 

The room can have home windows, however the batteries can’t be throughout the direct line of daylight. Shut the curtains or blinds throughout the day.

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6. Test together with your airline about transporting drone batteries

Once you take your drone on adventures, the query of whether or not you possibly can deliver your batteries is paramount. Some airways will permit the transport of drone batteries on planes, however others received’t.

The airways that limit battery journey accomplish that for an excellent motive: hearth threat. 

The rising stress of the cabin within the airplane could cause the batteries to overheat and probably explode, which is harmful for all crew and passengers.

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7. Take away batteries from the drone when touring

In case your airline permits drone batteries, you need to take away them from the drone earlier than you’re allowed by means of airport safety.

Maintain the batteries in a separate compartment in your bag designed to carry them.

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