Anton Paar Launches New Excessive-Vacuum Fuel Sorption Analyzer: Autosorb 6100

Delivering on an important necessities for any characterization laboratory, Autosorb 6100 is a customizable instrument designed for probably the most difficult floor space and pore dimension distribution measurements within the nanometer vary (0.35 nm to 500 nm).

Accuracy and Agility

The instrument comes with a leak-tight evaluation system, exact manifold temperature management, and Anton Paar’s TruZone lively coolant stage management making certain correct detection of BET floor areas beneath 0.1 m2 with nitrogen. As well as, the long-lasting dewar lets operators conduct measurements that exceed 90 hours with out requiring a refill of the dewar.

With three unbiased evaluation stations and patented equipment, laboratories can flexibly analyze as much as three completely different samples with three completely different evaluation gases at three completely different temperatures concurrently.

Accessibility and Adaptability

Autosorb 6100 comes with easy-to-use Kaomi software program. The included Dosewizard system helps you with measurement definition, whereas our new PowderProtect function reduces the danger of pattern elutriation or lack of powder into the instrument.

The variety of evaluation stations (one, two, or three) and capabilities (Vaporsorption, CryoSync) might be chosen to match your laboratory’s measurement and throughput necessities. As wants change, modular area upgrades permit the capabilities and evaluation stations to be modified to fulfill revised necessities.


Autosorb 6100 complies with 15 ASTM, DIN, and ISO requirements for floor space, pore dimension, and pore quantity measurements. Anton Paar additionally has a world assist community, so customers can ensure that wherever they’re, a professional knowledgeable is close by and able to assist.


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